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What Happens To The Funds Contributed?

All monies received will be deposited into an account set up by the Wabanaki Society for the Protection of Indigenous Rights and Treaties (“Society”) as outlined in the How Do We Make Contributions? section of this website.  

The Society is an independent body gathering support and resources to help Indigenous treaty beneficiaries of the Atlantic region assert their rights through civil process.

Going forward, and beginning with the research and preparation of the Statement of Claim, invoices for the legal fees based upon work completed (plus disbursements and HST) will be paid by the Society out of the funds contributed. The disbursements will include all costs associated with website. This billing will be monthly based upon the previous month’s time and will include all costs associated with the ongoing lawsuit including the retention of experts and disbursements as may be required from time to time. 

All payments out of the fund are subject to the approval of the Society. 

At any time, in the event that it is determined by the lawyers representing the class that there are insufficient funds received to account for the legal costs associated with the action and contemplated proceedings, or if for any reason, the case cannot proceed further, all legal and administration costs will be paid to that time and the balance remaining in the fund will be paid over to the Society for the general use of the Society in advancing its objectives. 

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